About Us/ Our Team


We have more than 120 Professionals, who have significant domain expertise across different verticals. Our deep understanding of different domain and upgrading our talent helps us to face the challenges thrown by the client. All our professionals are world class, innovative with strong team and leadership skills .We recruit people with impeccable attitude and good domain knowledge to face the challenges thrown by the client. Our world-class professionals from marketing, business analyst, software team ensure smooth execution of project with faster uploading time

Our hiring process is robust which ensures smooth execution of projects in spite of working in industry which is known for attrition rates. We have an agreement with various educational institutions for graduate internships. Slowly but steadily the graduate interns get acquaintance with the culture and fit into the ethos of organization. This ensures us to build a team with robust values and seamless flow of talent in the pool waiting to face the competitive world.

Our independent teams based on project are scalable based on client and project needs .Our talent pool can work on any cross-functional projects at any given time. All our process is systematic and completely ethical with strict adherence rule of the land.

Communication Model

Transparent communication process by team leads, members, and CEO ensure that project is always on the move. Good customer relationship management with effective collaboration runs in our DNA. We have more percentage of repeat client working with us .Our client engagement ratio is unheard in industry which is known for client fluctuationse