About Us/ Infrastructure


We are committed to continuously improving our products, services and processes to meet up with our customer's requirements and quality by integrating our vision into our daily work.

    To achieve this we:
  • Pursue quality in all phase
  • Do it right at the first time
  • Lead the market in quality
  • Build quality into everything

ISO Certification

We have all the qualities For an ISO certified company

    Our Qualities include
  • Greater Quality Awareness
  • Better Documentation of Process
  • Increased Quality of operations
  • Positive Cultural change
  • Improved Customer satisfaction
  • Better Control on Inspection and Quality Control

We have applied for ISO certification and hope to be an ISO certified Company soon.

Benefits working with penosoft

We are a customer & Employee centric company; on the whole we care for the community as well. Our employee friendly policy in terms of skill development, Growth, counseling, transport, flexible holiday options ensure that people are developed on the whole in terms of Skill sets and personal growth.

penosoft believes in faster time to market and adding significant value to client to meet their business demand .Our contingency management ensures that projects is always on the move by the able support of our world class team of professionals. Further our employee centric appraisal with focus on performance and benefits makes as to become company which employee desire to work. Our world-class state of art training centre, employee's benefits, and recruitment process enables us to face future confidently and work on several projects at a time because of the sound value system that is embedded in organization.

Success Summary

"Your contributions to our program were too great for measure". By using our own language and tying together the many pieces of our procedure away believing in you and, most notably, in themselves. We will always count penosoft as one of the building blocks in Rathinam's success!"
----- Rathinam Tech park